Thursday, 15 December 2011

Welcome to my blog

Well I never thought I would be writing this - for the past 15 years or so I have been advising politicians from around the world. My advice has always been to get a website, get on facebook and myspace but stay well clear of the blogosphere. A strange place in a galaxy far far away. People reputations and even there jobs have been ended just over one mistaken blog.
So why have I decided to ignore my own advice and start to blog - well its not because I own my own company and have decided not to sack myself; its really simple - I have had enough of reading other blogs that I do not think accurately reflect my views and feeling of grass root Liberal to current events. So here it is. If you find the blog interesting then great - if not then I suggest that you don't read it and if you are a socialist or right wing nut job and you are offended by some of the views I put up then please let me know - this way I will know that the blog is doing far more good than I had possible imagined. The views that I put up will be mine - they may or may not reflect the views of the party and if that upsets some people then hey - get over it.

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