Thursday, 15 December 2011

Deadly assault weapons

One of the non political organisations I have been involved with since I was 7 is St John Ambulance. I remember one year coming back from a County Camp and I was shocked (Yes Liberal Me - shocked) about some of the things this teenage girls was reading in this magazine all about losing weight and other rubbish. Anyway this girl was reading the agony aunts page 'about ways to lose weight so blokes will like you'  I felt I had no choice but to challenge what she was reading. I did this - she told me that I should be a good agony aunt and for 10 years has peer pressured me into doing something about it - well today I did. I was messing about on the computer - killing time before I set off to go and watch the Luton and I saw this on Yahoo answers - clearly from right wing gun lobby - who asked:

Should everyone be able to conceal carry a weapon?

I could not help myself, you have to stand up to these people. This was my response:- 
The very nature of this question puzzles me. 

Surprisingly, I understand (even though I am from England) America culture on guns, and your ‘right to have them’ under your constitution. The interesting thing here is the word ‘conceal’ the reason for you being allowed to carry arms is I am sure you would agree to ‘protect yourself’. The argument is that if you have a gun then no one will try and shoot you; with that being the case why on earth do you want to hide the fact that you have one! Surly it would be far better for you to show everyone that you have it. Better still you should be forced to walk round with a sandwich board on that has “Armed and Dangerous” on it.

So should you be able to conceal the fact you have a weapon – I say no because the logic of you wanting to do so is so floored you clearly are not of a stable enough to have one.

Further more you have to look at the evidence when Bill Clinton band deadly assault weapons and got them off the street the number of homicides fell dramatically. When George W Bush gave people more rights to use deadly assault weapons the number of homicides went up including the huge number of deaths caused by a weapon owned by them.

The only argument there for people to have guns is that they are stupid and we as a society would be better off if they did carry them as they are likely to end up getting themselves killed and this would mean that all the people that think it is a good idea to carry a gun would die and we would be able to live in a world that is peaceful.

So there you are I am now an agony uncle - I have to admit it is fun

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