Thursday, 15 December 2011

Prime Minister's Question time - the last of 2011

As my niece would say "Just shut up - right". A simple but clear message that needs to be said to speaker Bercow. I am actually really fed up with him constantly telling MPs that the public don't like all this shouting. Its just not true - the public actually think politics is boring and a few good one liners thrown across the dispatch box for half an hour is not such a bad thing. The public might say they don't like it, but if they didn't like it they would not watch it. BBC Parliament channel means that the public can choose which bits of parliament they want to watch - and despite being on the air 24 hours a day its only that half an hour that any one actually watches and that's when the duel of PMQs takes place.

Speaker bercow would argue its like when Clinton had his affair with Monica Lewinsky - poll after poll said the public did not want to know any more and was tired of it all. Yet any paper that put an extra bit of news about the affair in -well those newspaper sales went up. The same could be said of Princess Die before she died, the public constantly said they thought she was having a rough time with the tabloids writing about her and did not want any more put in the paper about Diana clearly these were the people who answered that poll shortly before they put on they coat and rushed down the road to the newsagent to pick up the tabloid with the biggest headline and photo of the princess in.

So Mr. Bercow you may represent a constituency next door to mine, but you don't have clue what ordinary people think. We like a little banter across the dispatch box for just half an hour a week.  Please do not drain out the last life of such a British institute. It is also worth a note that in Australia which seems to be the only country that seems to have managed not to be hit with the international financial crisis they have a far more colourful question time in there parliament and they do that EVERY day.

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