Thursday, 15 December 2011

David little bro wins the wooden spoon - for being the most useless Labour leader ever

Unfortunately for Liberals, the coalition has made it very difficult for us to distinguish ourself from the Conservatives - there is no doubt about that. We are seen by some as a merged force with the Tories. What is amazing though is that at a time when the economy is so bad and Calamity Cameron is making such a hash of it, the Leader of the opposition should be doing an awful lot better than he is.
No Labour leader in modern times has had the luxury of only having one target (i.e. the Prime Minister). In pretty much every other parliament in modern times; the Leader of the opposison has had a third force to worry about as well. Not for dear old Ed - he has had one target and its not that he can't shoot straight - he just hasn't shot atall. He has let Cameron off the hook and the real question is why Cameron has not killed him off in a similar way to Tony Blair killing off Iain Duncan Smith, or Thatcher killing off Callahan and then Foot. I wonder if its a political tactic on Cameron side to keep Miliband where he is. As someone who has failed to challenge Cameron on anything atall, one would have thought that the Labour MPs would have lost confidence in him.
But then we remember that the majority Labour MPs actully did not vote for Milliband number 2 in the first place, but his big brother David. Now let me make it clear I don't think David Miliband would set the world on fire, but he would certainly be better than this damp sparkler. Ed just doesn't look the part, He looks uncomfortable out of his depth, He doesn't have any plan, He doesn't have a strategy and is tied down hook line and sinker to the trade union bosses. What the Labour Party needs is someone with a little bit of umph someone who a least could give the prime minister a bloddy nose. Don't get me wrong its not Ed Millibands fault but some people have what it takes and others don't - and Ed doesn't. He reminds me of one of those supply teachers who think there really hard and end up in tears by the end of the day because some 7 year old said something mean to them. As Australian former Labour Prime Minister Paul Keating said "It's like been flogged with warm lettuce." I am not sure about the flogging but Ed performance is so bad that I would challenge any one to come up with a worst Labour leader since Keir Hardie.

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